Executive Search
We can help you find the best candidate for you. Be it a Trade Association, In-House, Consultancy, or NGO. We can be discreet and ensure a smooth process. This can be for Public Affairs Practioners, CEO/COO/CFO/FD or Executive PA positions in Brussels and other European cities.‚Äč
Consultancy Services
With 26 years+ experience of building businesses, I can help you on your journey of growing your business. I can help you  spot the pitfalls and opportunities as an external Advisor/Non-Exec Director. An objective outside voice can sometimes see things that the Owner or Manager does not.
Sale of your business
If you are interested in selling your business there are a lot of hurdles to negotiate. I can help prepare you for sale, find you a buyer, negotiate on the sale and guide you through the process
Looking to expand your current business by way or acquisition or looking to have a footprint in Brussels? I can help find you a suitable investment and advise you on the issues you need to be aware. I can also be involved in the due dilligence (due to my accountancy background). 
Interview & Public Speaking Training
WHAT to ask and HOW and WHEN to ask in interviews is key. Interviews should be about ensuring both parties understand the other.
Speaking in public is a problem for most people. I can help you overcome this with some simple techniques.
Negotiation Training
I have spent a lot of my working life negotiating with people. I can teach you some techniques which create win/win outcomes and derive high value for your business.
Coaching & Mentoring Training
The most valuable asset for any business is its people. Staff churn cripples growth, moral and profits. I can coach you how to retain your staff, spot the warning signs that someone may leave and how to deal with issues in the workplace.
It may be that you feel you need someone to talk to about your career and your goals. I can help there also