My decision to start my own Recruitment and Consultancy came into fruition due to numerous colleagues and associates telling me that this would be the perfect job for me. The market also needed something different. People would say to me, 'How did I know so many people and why was I able to meet people and sound them out so quickly?'. It was difficult to find an answer except I knew I was very sociable and very good at judging people's character. 

What was it that would be different about me and make me stand out from the rest?. Through my own personal experience, I felt that candidates and clients alike needed more from their headhunter. As a client I had wanted to find the right person for my business and found the process frustrating. For me it did not involve going away and ringing lots of people and trawling linkedin to come up with a shortlist of 10 candidates of which only a couple were suitable (this would then be followed by a large invoice!). What if a client was able to see 4-5 really good candidates. They would then save time on interviews and the only hard part of the process would be which candidate to choose. I realised it was turning into farce when one headhunter asked me 'Who would you like us to contact?'

I meet and talk to my candidates. I don't just ask you to send a CV.  I also inform candidates that I am submitting their CV to each client (I found this wasn't always the case). This ensures that candidates are actually interested in the vacancy. I also prepare them for each interview. Nobody wants to sit in an interview and find out the candidate has no idea what the job is about or knows nothing about the company.

Running your own business can be a lonely place. How often have you wished you could just reach out and ask someone for their opinion. A non emotionally connected objective 3rd party can sometimes be the solution. 

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